Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 5, 2011

What a Weekend!

What a weekend! The campground was full to the brim with Fourth of July revelers, along with their campers, tents, boats, golf karts and all manner of party accessories.

We spent most of Thursday and Friday welcoming guests and serving up huge portions of freshly smoked ribs, chicken and pulled port, with sides of fresh coleslaw and baked beans, with soft serve ice cream and fresh fudge to complete the meal.

I worked the lunch shift at the café on Saturday, and then Keith and I made a quick trip up to Newberry to Fox Run Studio, to work on our upcoming CD. We had some percussion tracks to lay down, and vocals to add to two songs. After that session we have 9 songs ready for final editing. Exciting!

Keith recording percussion for our new CD

We returned to the campground around 8 p.m., and then, even though we would have loved to relax, we went up to the café to make about a dozen six-lb. pans of fudge!

It took us until midnight, but we created tempting flavors like butter pecan, dark chocolate walnut, cappuccino, raspberry, chocolate-mint, vanilla peanut butter, orange cream, Heath Bar, Rocky Road, milk chocolate, and vanilla chocolate swirl. Of course we had to sample as we worked, and it’s surprising that we could get to sleep, considering our sugar “high”.

We treated ourselves to a lazy Sunday morning, after our fudge-making marathon, and the fact that I had to work from 3:30-7 at the café. Not to mention that we had a show scheduled for 8 p.m.

Because of the holiday, we set up our sound system for the show so that we could broadcast out into the campground, instead of just in the clubhouse.

Folks were gathered and waiting for the show to start when we arrived in the clubhouse with out guitars, so we skipped our slower paced first few songs and went right for the upbeat, party tunes.

There was standing room only in the clubhouse, and everyone was having a great time, so we didn’t even stop for a break ~ just played for two hours until 10 p.m. when we had to shut down to comply with campground “quiet time” rules.

Campers were up bright and early on Monday morning to decorate golf karts for the big parade at 10 a.m., which marked the beginning of day-long festivities at theCityPark…food booths, live music and games for the kids.

We were offered a slot on the music roster but it didn’t quite work with our schedule, so we had to decline.

I worked at the café from 11:30 – 3:30, and then poured myself a nice glass of merlot while Keith grabbed a beer and we joined some fellow campers for a bar-b-que and enjoyable visit. At dusk, the fireworks went off over the water without a hitch, and the evening ended “with a bang”.

I always find it interesting to learn the stories of those who come to stay at Sunset Isle. There are folks from all walks of life and persuasions who mingle together for the express purpose of having a good time, and they do it well.

One couple we met this weekend administer a non-profit organization dedicated to breast cancer treatment and research. They own a number of Princess Di’s dresses and take them on tour, and all the proceeds from admission go toward their mission. Their website is

We also met a fiery little woman named Pat, who decorated the entire campground for the holiday, and was the chief decorator for the Sunset Isle Golf Kart for the parade. We don’t have any photos of the parade to show you, as our presence was required at the café. Pat and her husband invited us to join them at their dock for dinner and fireworks, and we gladly accepted!

I was touched by a man named Robert who brought his mom to Cedar Key for the weekend. Mom is confined to a wheelchair, but Robert would wheel her out onto the dock and bring her to the café for ice cream in the afternoon, and cooked big pots of sausage, potatoes and seafood for her and his friends for dinner.

Today, most of the campers have vanished, and all that is left of the Fourth of July are the American flags that line the roadway.

But I believe that everyone in Cedar Key had a great time, and we are happy to have been a part of making it merry!



  1. Enjoyed your 4th of July camping post. Yes, there are some interesting & amazing people you meet in our campgrounds across this country. Some meetings turn into lasting friendships, others may just be brief, but usually amusing & enjoyable.

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