Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 10, 2011

“Dirt Dwellers”

During our “Oldies Review” show last night at the campground, we were joined by guest guitarist, Phil….a Vietnam Vet, about our age, retired and traveling in a camper with his wife, Susan.

We asked Phil if he and Susan were “full-timers”, i.e., people who live full time in a camper or RV.

Phil replied that, no, they weren’t full-timers, but rather were “dirt dwellers”.

We’d never heard that expression before, and Phil explained that dirt dwellers are folks who own or rent a house, as opposed to living in a camper.

We liked that phrase, and will add it to our traveling vocabulary for sure ~ thanks, Phil!

Phil was a fine guitar player and he had a great time playing along with our oldies repertoire. It was a good, lazy Saturday night at Sunset Isle RV.

During the evening, we also met another couple who gifted us with a new phrase…..Dev and Nima, both teachers, who travel during the summer in a 30′ Eurotran suburban transit bus that they are converting into a camper.

It’s a good-looking bus with plenty of windows, and lots of room to customize. They built a bathroom in the back and are now working on the kitchen.  They live in Florida and have traveled cross country in their bus which gets @12-15 miles per gallon.

This morning, as we were visiting with Dev, he said that he and Nima had decided that they weren’t going to wait until the bus was finished before hitting the road, because “if you don’t go, you won’t know” what’s out in the world for you to see.

We immediately snatched that little piece of wisdom up, and are passing it on to you today.

Perhaps it will inspire you to get up and check out someplace new…somewhere you always wanted to go, but haven’t quite made it to yet.

So, thanks to Dev for our newest motto, and happy travels to wherever your next destination may be!


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