Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 13, 2011

Bennett Update ~ 7 Months

As all grandparents know, it is totally amazing to watch their little grandbabies grow, and my experience with my first grandchild, Bennett, is no exception.

Because none of their relatives live nearby, my daughter has worked diligently and lovingly to create a blog, for family members, which details Bennett’s growth and development.

It gives us the opportunity to feel like we are a part of his beautiful little life, even though we are far away.

Bennett had been working hard the past month on hand coordination ~ he can now easily move food from the table to his mouth…here he is, practing, under the watchful eye of his Papa.

In his “spare time”, Bennett has also been fine tuning his skills at rolling over and working his tongue and practicing vocalization in preparation for talking. He’s a busy little guy.

You can almost see his little mind working as he repeats things and logs them into his brain for future reference!

Plus, the big news ~ Bennett has hair! Now, of course, he has always had some hair, but now it is growing longer, into soft, whispy, blonde  strands, as evidenced by the photo below.

Check out that new growth!

Keep up the good work, Bennett, and congratulations on 7 incredible months!

(Photos courtesy of my daughter)



  1. Every mama loves to see her baby praised in print! We’ll pass your congratulations on to little B, with love. =)

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