Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 20, 2011

“Welcome to Civilization”

If you live in or near Gainesville, Florida, you really should get yourself over to 1511 NW 2nd Street for a real treat!

Last Wednesday, Keith and I happened to be in Gainesville for an appointment, and were lucky enough to track down one of my daughters for a fine afternoon of catching up with one another’s lives.

When her boyfriend arrived home from work at dinnertime, we took a short drive to a new restaurant, named “Civilization”, that they wanted to check out.

The restaurant features ethnic cuisine prepared with the best, fresh, local ingredients available.

It is also a “co-business” to a catering company named “Terranova”, which, according to its website,  opened its “doors in August 2009 and is the first restaurant/catering company worker owner cooperative in the Gainesville, Florida area.”

The dining room was full when we arrived, so we chose an outdoor table under a ceiling fan, as the evening was cooling down and there were no unwelcome insects flying about.

Beverages ordered, we proceeded to make our selections from a wonderful array of choices, at very fair prices.

I ordered sweet potato and spinach enchiladas with beans, my daughter chose a curry, while her boyfriend ordered the seafood special of the day, and Keith decided on filet gumbo.

We figured that we certainly had a sufficient variety to really put their chef to the test.

“The boys” challenged one another to a rousing game of checkers while we enjoyed our beverages of choice, as the table sported a built-in checkerboard for just such activity.

Our plates arrived heaping with beautiful food, and that was just the beginning….each meal was absolutely superb…cooked to perfection and well seasoned, so that you could enjoy the medley of flavors without being overpowered by any one.

I would be hard pressed to say which was my favorite, since we “cross-tasted” unabashedly, but after dining at Civilization I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to order anything from their menu.

You could just feel your body enjoying the food, knowing that it was not only delicious, but healthy, too!

Support this business, Gainesville, and it will be a win-win for sure.


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