Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 29, 2011

Winding Down

Can’t believe we’ve been in Cedar Key since April, and our time here is about to start winding down…with plans to hook up and head out on Sunday, August 28th.

It’s been a busy, fun and productive spring and summer.

Our workamper jobs kept us hopping…

Sunset Isle Office and Cafe ~ "My office" for the summer!

Sightseeing brought us to new places,  introduced us to new friends, and helped us to achieve our goals….

Keith lands his "big one"!

Our music provided the opportunity to entertain…

Lots of good times at the Black Dog!

And our proximity to the recording studio in Newberry gave us a super opportunity to record our first CD.

Our Engineer, Rick Randlett, hard at work

At present, the work load at the campground has eased off some, as the owners have initiated a new work schedule, and late July and August seem to be the slowest months for vacationers in Florida.

Our CD is nearing completion ~ just two more recording sessions next week should wrap up our end, and then it will be up to our Engineer, Rick Randlett at Fox Run studio to work his magic.

We really dodged a huge bullet last week. Rick’s computer was struck by lightning and destroyed, but luckily, our work was stored on his other system, so we just had to wait for a new computer to arrive before resuming the project. Whew! I don’t think we would have had the time or energy to start over from square one!

We’ve done some preliminary work on the CD cover design, but will have to wait until next week for the photos. We have a photo shoot scheduled for this coming Monday ~ should be fun, and provide us with some fun pics to use on the CD.

Plans are to have a finished product by the beginning of September, if all goes well.

We have a list of things to do and places to see before we leave Cedar Key, and we’re ticking through them quickly, mixing fun with “honey-do’s”.

Yesterday, though, we gave ourselves permission to just hang out.

We’d worked Tuesday and Wednesday, and the weather had been too cloudy and rainy to sit out in the sun for several days. So, we took our time getting around in the morning, ate a nice, leisurely breakfast, selected a couple of books from the “to be read” stack, donned our bathing suits and walked out to the dock for a quiet morning by the water.

After taking as much sun and heat as we could stand, we ducked back inside for a quiet afternoon of reading and relaxing.

I set my book aside just long enough to whip up a tasty meal of Curried Shrimp for dinner, and then we simply let the day wind down slowly and easily, just as it had begun…just as it should be when you live in a quaint little fishing village on an island in the Gulf of Mexico!


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