Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 1, 2011

Celebrating One Year on the Road ~ Part Two

As it turned out, there was more than one thing to celebrate yesterday.

The first, of course, was the anniversary weekend of our completing one year on the road as traveling musicians ~ the adventure we call our “Sunset Ride”.

The second requires a bit of background information…in a previous blog, I talked about my experience with fresh clams, which was not good at the beginning, but which drastically changed for the better when Keith and I discovered Tony’s Award Winning Clam Chowder.

Well, it seems that Chef Eric from Tony’s – the inventor of the chowder – stumbled upon my post, and invited Keith and I to meet with him at the restaurant. He had a challenge for us.

Chef Eric asked us to write a song about his chowder…a song from the heart, that would become a part of the Tony’s Chowder legend.

We were honored; accepted the challenge; and went home to pick up our guitars and set to work.

It’s quite easy to think of good things to say about the chowder, but it was very hard to find a way to work the word chowder into a song and have it rhyme with something.

We worked diligently for several weeks and finally came up with a peppy, “ragtime” style tune that we believed did justice to the chowder.

Yesterday, we had the chance to preview the song for Chef Eric and a small group of  “insiders” ~ prior to the public unveiling later this month.

They loved it, and we were pleased with their reaction.

After the Noon preview, Chef Eric sat us down at a table in the private dining room, and proceeded to prepare an amazing meal for Keith and I.

First course: Fresh shrimp cocktail, followed by a cup of Tony’s famous chowder (what meal at Tony’s would be complete without the chowder?).

Second course: A delightful garden salad

Third course: Blackened grouper with a side of “to-die-for” fresh coleslaw

We were too full to even finish all of our grouper, so we had to refuse a desert…..but Chef Eric saw a way around that.

He snatched up our plates and took them off to the kitchen, where he prepared new fresh salads topped with our grouper, packed up in “To Go” boxes, for our evening meal.

Then, he added a third “Surprise” box to the mix, which contained two generous slices of key lime pie!

At the time we couldn’t imagine being hungry later, but as you know, it happens, especially when you have key lime pie sitting there calling your name.

So – yesterday afternoon, after taking our almost-daily 2-mile walk for exercise, we brewed up a pot of decaf coffee and sat down with our pie.

It was excellent! Key lime pie can often be too “limey”, or way too sweet, but this pie was created with the perfect blend of tart and sweet, and creaminess.

This delightful filling rested on soft graham cracker crust. The topping was fresh whipped cream and slivered almonds.

We ate slowly and savored the experience,  especially since we had been on a low carb diet for a few weeks, and this little treat was pure heaven!

All week long, Keith and I had been wondering how we would celebrate our First Anniversary of life on the road.

Lucky for us, we never had to decide…life simply gifted us with two wonderful days of music, friends and fantastic food.

Who could ask for anything more!

Oh yes,  we will unveil our song for the people of Cedar Key, during a gathering at Tony’s, in the next few weeks.

Afterward, we promise to post it on the blog, so everyone can listen.


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