Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 8, 2011

Cedar Key Week in Review

As Keith and I were driving home from White Springs last night, I realized that it had been a full week since I had last posted on this blog.

Shame on me! Not a particularly good way to start a new year, but I do have some excuses and will offer them up as the substance of this post!

Last Monday, after celebrating our first year on the road as traveling musicians and workampers all weekend, we spent a fun afternoon on a photo shoot for our CD cover.

We shot on location at The Island Hotel, an historic hotel on 2nd street in downtown Cedar Key. They have a lovely lobby with lots of old time charm and a baby grand piano, and a cozy bar dominated by a large painting of King Neptune with his mermaid companions.

We’d selected vintage outfits for the shoot, deeming them quite appropriate since our CD will feature covers of “Oldies”.

The shoot was a lot of fun, and after previewing hundreds of shots last Thursday morning, we selected a few that you will see when the CD is released, and several others that we will share in future posts.

Our campground duties filled our days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday of last week, and – as mentioned – Thursday morning was spent looking at photos from our shoot.

Friday was “errand day”, since we are trying to take care of a long list of “Things to do before we leave Cedar Key”, in just a few weeks.

Saturday evening we played music in the clubhouse for a handful of guests, and then loaded the guitars into the truck for a recording session on Sunday morning.

So, yesterday, we got up early for  drive to Newberry, and worked until 1 p.m., when we took off for White Springs ~ just an hour drive from Newberry, for a visit with our campground friends from Suwannee Valley, where we spent last winter.

We visited Bill and Karen, who are permanent residents and workampers at the park. It was so nice to just sit and chat with “old friends”…we’ve known them less than a year, but we did live just a few campsites away for seven months, and you get to know folks pretty well when you live in such close quarters.

After a good, long visit, we drove into Lake City for dinner, and selected The Gondolier, an Italian restaurant with an enormous and very handsome dark wood bar, complete with a waterfall!

Our booth was just across from the bar, so we had a nice view of the falling water during our meal.

Bill and Karen ordered Italian, but Keith and I decided to forego healthy, since we’d been on a mainly low carb diet for several weeks. We ordered patty melts with fries!

Our server was excellent and the food was quite tasty, and more than we could eat, so we left the restaurant with To Go boxes, and had to pass up the amazing deserts that sat, waiting, in the desert case at the entrance.

There were strawberry, blueberry and chocolate chip cheesecakes, and 10″ tall cakes with decadent frostings and decorating. I am sure that I gained a pound or two just looking at them…they were truly works of culinary art!

After our meal, we returned to the campground to visit with Mike and Maggie, the managers, and several other residents who became a part of our lives in the time that we spent there. We sat in giant rocking chairs by the pool and talked for about an hour, and then it was time to climb back in the truck for the two hour drive home.

Miss Catty Jones greeted us at the door when we arrived, and after a quick e-mail check, we hopped into bed.

This morning, after coffee and scrambled eggs, we make a return trip to Newberry for a final recording session…provided that Rick has figured out what was causing static on the microphones yesterday!



  1. Great fun reading about your adventure. Sounds like it is agreeing with you. Seems like you have been gone longer than a year…you are missed.

    Dick is playing with much of the same lake group on Wednesdays. Tuesdays he plays with Fred Fuller and his steel at Fred’s home in Augusta. During the weekends he goes to the retirement home and plays alone. This seems to satisfy some urge. He has a new guitar and amplifer that makes him happy. He throughly enjoys retirement.

    Dry weather has hit this part of the state with no mercy. Santa Fe Lake is all weeds and Augusta has two weeks of water left. We go to El Dorado to camp and boat….no problem there.

    Thinking of you…love, Carmen

    • Thanks for the update on the family….see you next week at the festival!

  2. hi guys, we met you almost a year ago ar rv park inbernalillo ,new mexico. been following your blog ever since. enjoy it very much.dont know if you remember our blog was PRETTY DAMN NICE. take care and coninue safe travels. john

    • It’s been a wild month for us, John, but yes, we do remember you and check in on your blog from time to time to see what you’ve been up to….lots of fun travels while we sat still over the summer. We’ll be spending the winter in New Mexico – stop in to see us if you get that way.

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