Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 16, 2011

Beginning to wrap it up in Cedar Key

With just eleven days left of our Cedar Key sojourn, we are beginning to say our good-byes to some of the wonderful folks we’ve come to know and love here in Florida.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a visit from our friends, Bill and Karen, from Suwannee Valley Campground in White Springs, where we spent last winter.

Good Friends, Karen and Bill relaxing in our living room

Bill and Karen are full-time residents and workampers at Suwannee Valley, and they caught us up on the campground scoop, over a delightful lunch at Tony’s restaurant (of award-winning clam chowder fame).

After lunch, we strolled along Dock St. and spent some time watching hopeful fishermen on the City Pier.

The extreme warmth of an August afternoon in Florida soon got the best of us, and we headed for the comfort of our camper.

Yesterday evening, Bruce and Roberta –  owners of Sunset Isle RV, our current “home”, treated us and our co-workers to a great seafood dinner at the Sea Breeze…a going-away gathering of sorts, as they left today for a well-deserved vacation, and won’t return until the day that Keith and I take off.

Bruce and Roberta Wilson ~ Sunset Isle RV Owners

The meal presented a wonderful opportunity to visit with our fellow workamper couple, Rose and Melissa, since it seems that our paths generally cross only at campground shift changes.

Rose and Melissa

Melissa shares duties with me in the campground office and cafe, and Rose spent her summer crafting new signs for all of the campsites in the park. They will be staying on at Sunset Isle at least through the winter months to help out.

Another co-worker, Sabrina, daughter-in-law to Bruce and Roberta, took off before our little photo session, but her husband and two of their children were still on hand. So I will include their picture, and you will just have to imagine a darling, feisty little woman with long (and I mean LONG!) blonde hair and the cutest southern drawl, standing behind them, beaming.

Ben, imaginary Sabrina, Kayleigh and Nick

The view from our table at the Sea Breeze was incredible. The restaurant sits on the second floor of a building on Dock Street, so it appears to be floating right on the water, and you can watch passing boats and frolicking dolphins while you dine.

We had a great day, yesterday, even though it meant saying “good-bye” to some really good people.

There will be many more good-bye’s in the next 11 days, and I’ll share those as they come along…on Friday evening we introduce our Tony’s Chowder song to a select group of folks at Tony’s, and a final show at the Black Dog may be in the works, so we’ll keep you posted!


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