Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 19, 2011

“Smokin’ Olides” Sneak Preview!

Keith and I are so excited ~ our summer project is almost complete ~ our “Smokin’ Oldies” CD will go into production at the end of next week, and we should have the CD’s in our hands by mid-September!

But, we thought, why make our friends wait that long for a sample of the music?

So, just to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to, this blog post contains a couple of tracks, along with “out-takes” from our photo shoot for the CD cover.

For the best quality sound, with lots of bass, we suggest that you listen on an ipod or good speakers!

Keith in Rock Star Mode!

Click on the link below to listen to Me and My Baby performing Arlo Guthrie’s classic “Coming Into Los Angeles”.

Barbara in Vamp mode!

Click below to listen to Me and My Baby performing Nancy Sinatra’s hit “These Boots are Made for Walking”.

Hope you enjoy our little sneak preview, and we’ll let you know when we have the CD’s in our hot little hands.

Or, better yet, “Like” us on facebook at “MeAndMyBabyMusic” and be the first to know, when we broadcast the announcement to all of our fans!



  1. Even Bennett was bouncing along in rhythm! =) Thanks for sharing! And nice threads, you two!

    • Glad you and B enjoyed the tunes….there are more where those two came from when we see you in a week or so!

  2. Wow!!! Don’t you two look smokin’ hot!!!!

    • It’s amazing what cool clothes can do for a person, eh?

  3. Sounds and looks like you are headed to the big time!

    • Glad you liked the preview songs, Charlotte…we are anxiously waiting for the CD’s to be finished – we’d love to have them when we are in Kansas!

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