Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 27, 2011

Life on Hold

Like millions of others on the east coast this weekend, our lives are on temporary hold.

For months, Keith and I had planned to pull out of Cedar Key early tomorrow morning, and make a two-day drive up the east coast, to meet one of my daughters, her husband, and our newest grandson for a week of camping on the outer banks of North Carolina. Right.

Never in our wildest dreams did we even consider that a monstrous hurricane would interfere with our plans, and the plans of millions, for this weekend.

So, we put our life on hold for a few days, and will stay here in Cedar Key, where the winds are unusually strong and gusty, and the humidity makes it unbearable to be outdoors…..our hurricane effects, it appears.

My daughter and her little family are hunkering down in their Williamsburg, Virginia, home, providing e-mail hurricane updates as long as their power lasts, and we’ll catch up with them down the road as soon as things “blow over”.

We did have some very good fortune this morning, though ~ we picked up the master of our CD from Rick at Fox Run Studio, and, after a careful listening, decided that we can be proud of our summer project……one problem, though ~ the company that will produce the copies for us is in New Jersey, so who knows what shape they will be in after this weekend!

Aaahhh, the challenges we all must face in this world.


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