Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 1, 2011

Well Worth the Wait

What a wild couple of weeks…first, watching non-stop Weather channel for days, waiting to see if Hurricane Irene would hit Cedar, Key.

When the island received the all-clear and Irene headed for North Carolina’s Outer Banks, we held our breath once more, as we watched the destruction of our planned vacation destination in real time.

Then, after waiting a few more days to find out the status of the campground on the Outer Banks, we decided to simply cut our losses and make alternate plans. This time, in South Carolina ~ destination, Myrtle Beach.

We “landed” Tuesday evening, and woke yesterday to cool ocean breezes…the first time we could open the windows for fresh air, and sit outside since April!

Catty Jones made the trip quite well, and is adjusting to her new “digs” at the ocean, although the first time she saw the waves, she turned tail and ran in the opposite direction.

Here is the view from our backyard…

Beach at Lakewood Camping Resort

The campground, Lakewood Camping Resort, is pretty amazing…hundreds of campsites, villas to rent, long stretches of sandy beachfront, miniature golf, two pools and a hot tub, paddle boat, kayak, bicycle and golf cart rentals, hippo waterslide, coffee house, food trucks, an arcade, a theater with live country music shows, snack bar, fishing, a big grocery and gift store, and probably some things I don’t even know about yet!

The fact that the campground is so huge is probably the only reason we managed to find reservations for a holiday weekend.

The fact that it’s a family-oriented, Christian campground is probably the reason that we won’t be bothered by rowdy young kids over this same holiday weekend. We must be getting old or something.

My daughter and her family arrived mid-morning yesterday, and we spent a nice relaxing afternoon catching up, and playing with our adorable grandson, Bennett.

"The Kids" arrive

We ate well….my daughter’s husband prepared delicious black bean burritos for lunch, and Keith whipped up a tasty shrimp curry for dinner.

Wisdom told us to wrap up the day early, as the kids had been up since 3 a.m. for the drive down.

This morning dawned another beautiful, sunny and comfortable day, so we donned bathing suits and sunscreen and headed for the beach ~ a 30 second walk from our campsite!

We splashed in the waves, hunted for shells, read books in the sun, and my daughter swam in the ocean for the first time since she was in kindergarten!

"The Kids" at the beach

Keith was in heaven at the beach, too…and commented about experiencing the raw power of the ocean, after spending some time dodging the waves.

Keith watching the waves

This evening we plan to dine out, before the “tourists” arrive for the weekend and everything gets crazy.

Tomorrow? Sunrise and coffee at the beach…maybe a dip in the pool…lazing away the time with a good book…a vacation well worth the wait…good times with family.



  1. Great to see everyone relaxed and happy! You all deserve it! Have a great time! Give that baby a hug and kiss for us.
    Love to all.

    • We did have a fabulous time ~ you will too when you arrive next month. That baby is so good and cute you just have to keep hugging and kissing him.

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