Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 27, 2011



When you spend too much time around something beautiful, it’s easy to stop noticing its beauty.

Then, when you are away for a while and come back, you can once again be amazed.

This is how I feel about the simplest of Kansas icons ~ sunflowers ~ which grow abundantly along Kansas roadways, in fields and ditches, and anywhere their seeds can be blown by the wind.

I had forgotten how beautiful they are…

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will no doubt have noticed that it’s been a  while since a new post appeared.

It seems that, since arriving in Kansas, our lives have been a whirlwind of activity focused on family, friends, hauling loads of plastic bins of possessions back to the camper from our storage unit, and distributing their contents to said family and friends…and the Goodwill.

Of course, some of those stored possessions have been reclaimed for use in the camper…and the “one in; one out” rule has been temporarily lifted.

The highlights of our week in Kansas were spending time with our children and grandchildren, and friends…Lunch Monday with an old friend from Topeka, “Pizza Village” on Tuesday with one of Keith’s daughters and her family, in Ottawa, sushi dinner Wednesday with my son at “Wa” our favorite Lawrence eatery, dinner Friday with my son and his girlfriend at “Encore Cafe” in Lawrence ~ joined by my daughter from Gainesville, FL, who happened to be in town for a wedding.

Both of Keith’s daughters and their families joined us at Clinton Lake for an overnight camp-out Saturday through Sunday…good times, and fun watching the grandkids run around.

Keith and the Kansas City Crew

Keith and the Ottawa, KS Crew

Thursday, Keith and I spent the afternoon on “Mass St” in Lawrence, shopping around, and stopping at “Mass St. Music” to purchase a new resonator guitar which made its musical debut on Sunday evening when we were treated to a jam session with my son, a bassist.

Today I take a break with a co-worker from my time at KU, for a “girls afternoon out”, and tomorrow we dine in Kansas City with Keith’s other daughter and her family, which leaves us Thursday to wrap things up in Kansas and spend a few hours with Keith’s son and his girlfriend who will be in town for the KU Homecoming. Whew!

On Friday, we take our camper into the shop for a minor repair before making the two-day trip to Truth or Consequences, where we will spend the winter volunteering at Riverbend Hot Springs on the Rio Grande River.

We are looking forward to soaking our bones in the hot springs…I think we will need it!

So, if things go as planned, my next post will be from our winter haven in New Mexico. Until then!


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