Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 3, 2011

T or C = Heaven!

When you sign on for a workamper position, you never know what you will get until you arrive.

Our moment of truth came yesterday afternoon when we pulled into Truth or Consequences, NM (“T or C” to the locals), and followed our mapquest directions to Riverbend Hot Springs.

We drove down Austin Street to a curve in the road to accommodate the river, and there was our destination….a quirky, southwest style mini-resort on the banks of the Rio Grande, with a few campsites across the road for workampers and guests who are lucky enough to find an empty campsite.

A quick check-in at the office put us in touch with Jake, the GM, who gave us a tour of the pools and facilities and showed us to our campsite…a cozy space with a wonderful view of Riverbend, and Turtleback Mountain as a backdrop.

Riverbend Entrance

The hot springs are amazing, and the town itself is a low-key version of Santa Fe and Taos…no stuck-up folks here, just an odd assortment of young and old who are gathered together in this town to live and make-do. We love it!

View of the Rio Grande from the hot springs

The "Minnow Pools" ~ story to come in a later post!

Deck below the pools, with river acces

Catty Jones seems to love it too. She’s already found a few places to hang out and hide. At present she is sunning herself on a bench by the camper.

This afternoon we walked uptown to check out the Black Cat Used Bookstore, the health food stores, and grocery. It reminds us of downtown Lawrence, KS, without the throngs of people, the traffic, and parking shortage.

We are totally smitten with our new home on the Rio Grande, and are still amazed as we look out the window and see Turtleback Mountain, instead of the Gulf of Mexico!



  1. So glad to hear that you made it safely and love your new winter home. The photos look amazing and I can only imagine how wonderful the springs are – enjoy!

    • It IS amazing, and you need to come soak with us!

  2. Can’t wait to visit!

    • Our door is always open to you, so head on out!

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