Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 7, 2011

Oh the People You Meet: Noah and Micaela

A few days ago, as we sipped our morning coffee in the hot springs, and watched the sun rise behind Turtleback Mountain, the universe gifted us with an opportunity…

Noah and Micaela, a twenty-something couple, introduced themselves and shared that they have been traveling and workamping for the past three years, often volunteering on organic farms across the country through an organization called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

The common denominator of workamping got the conversation started between us, and we spent an enjoyable hour our so, simply sharing stories, philosophies, job connections and alternative lifestyle options, before we parted ways…theirs for Austin, Texas, and ours for our fifth wheel home across the street.

It impressed us that these two “kids” had whatever it takes to make the conscious decision to shed the conventional lifestyle of  “the masses”, and head out into the world to learn and explore…living in a tent and car-camping their way across the nation. (Yes, we too are doing much the same thing, but it took us 40 years to arrive at the place that Noah and Micaela are at now!)

Their travels brought lots of fun experiences like the Earthships in New Mexico and the Burning Man festival in Nevada, but it wasn’t just the thrill of the road that kept them going.

Like many others of their generation, they are on a quest to actuate a more natural, healthful and sustainable way of life on this planet…a new society…a more equitable way of living.

Their dreams put me in mind of what my generation had hoped for in the 60’s with the peace, love and communal movements.

Overall, the movement was loosely organized and in the end, my generation “sold out to the establishment”. Shame on us!

I am hopeful that this movement will be more successful.  At least they have better communication tools for sharing ideas and opportunities.

I wish Noah and Micaela, and their counterparts the world over, all the success the universe has to offer, and Keith and I are interested in hearing their updates from the road. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross again…

Safe travels, you two!



  1. Love your adventures. Wish I had come over and seen you at Winfield. Glad you are living your dream life.

  2. […] They are the second young couple of their generation that we had met since arriving in T or C, who had stepped back from the traditional life to travel and volunteer, via the WWOOF organization. (See previous post). […]

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