Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 17, 2011

Who Would Have Thought…

One evening last week, as Keith and I were working the evening shift at Riverbend Hot Springs, a gentleman in a red robe arrived to soak.

As he passed by, our manager greeted him with: “Good Evening, Lama”.

My ears perked up, as the gentleman certainly looked the part of a Buddhist spiritual leader, and after inquiring, I learned that indeed he was, and that there is an active Tibetan Buddhist community right here in Truth or Consequences.

Who would have thought that if you just drove a few blocks up the road from the hot springs, turned left at  the Auto Zone store, with another left at Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, that you would arrive at Karma Jur Med Ling Buddhist Center?

Yesterday morning, Keith and I decided to go take a look for ourselves.

You can’t miss it.

The large Stupa shrine sits right out front, with the Dharma Center behind it.

Stupa shrine at the Dharma Center

We were lucky enough to find the Center open, as a meditation had just concluded, and a lovely woman invited us in.

The space was beautiful, serene and welcoming.

Dharma Center Meditation Area

We learned that there are several opportunities each week for meditation, visualization and healing, along with monthly activities at the full moon and second Saturday.

The Center was established by The Venerable Lama Karma Rinchen, who happens to be in India at the moment, but the community carries on with guest Lamas, as evidenced by the gentleman in the red robe whose presence alerted us to the spiritual opportunities here.

In addition to the scheduled activities, anyone is welcome to perform a walking meditation at the Stupa outdoor shrine.

The meaning of the shrine and directions for the walking meditation are posted at the door of the Center.

Walking Meditation Directions

Although we didn’t attempt a meditation on our visit yesterday, Keith thinks that he may, at some point in time.

I am simply impressed that such a place exists in this simple little desert town…..and I am looking forward to discovering other such gems as our winter stay progresses.



  1. Neat-o! How lucky you are! T or C is just full of fun surprises!

  2. Actually, that was Lama Rinchen himself, who you saw that night.

    • Thanks for the updated info, Jake…what an honor to be in his presence!

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