Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 26, 2011

Groovy Gritz

Although I would like to take credit for the catchy title to this blog post, it’s actually the name of a great, funky and fun restaurant on Broadway Street in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico…just a short walk from our “home”.

We first stepped inside the place a few weeks ago, while delivering flyers for one of our shows, and decided right then that we would return for a meal.

There are two sides to the Cafe Groovy Gritz….the “Groovy” side, which flaunts a 60’s, hippie decor…


…and the “Gritz” side, which is all decked out in a more masculine decor complete with a mounted deer head, beer signs and lassos.


When you walk in, they “size you up” and seat you accordingly.

Last Friday, Keith and I donned tie-dye shirts and walked over for lunch.

Keith greeted the hostess with “two for groovy”, and we were promptly seated.

Our server informed us of the specials of the day, and I decided to try the seafood quesadillas, while Keith selected the New Mexico Stacked Cordon Bleu Sandwich from the menu.

We had a lot of fun just looking around while we waited a short time for our meals to be prepared.

The cafe is bright and cheery, with enough space around each table to keep you from feeling crowded…they have a beer and wine bar, and a nice stage in one corner, for entertainment.

Our meals were delicious, the service excellent, and we were gifted with a visit from one of the owners before we left, during which we were offered the opportunity to perform at Groovy Gritz on Saturday, November 19th.

What a wonderful day!

The dessert menu looked quite appetizing, especially the Insatiable Groovy Gritz Cake, so today we stopped in for a slice “To Go”, along with some pictures to adorn this blog post.

The cake did not disappoint ~ it was moist and dense, with pineapple, coconut and nuts throughout, with fluffy real whipped cream on top.

One slice more than satisfied our sweet tooth for the day, and we suggest that you save some room for a piece the next time you dine at Groovy Gritz.

This Saturday night, 10/29/11, they are hosting a Halloween Costume Contest, and I can tell you right now that Sonny and Cher, a.k.a. “Me and My Baby”, plan to attend, after their 3 p.m. show on the patio at Riverbend Hot Springs!



  1. 🙂 Looks cool. I would like to try Groovy Gritz. The food sounds good too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved the “Groovy” side. Could you sit on the cushions on the floor. I could, but it would probably be hard to get up after a meal.

    Play one for me on the 19th, your selection. That’s my birthday and I will be 55th. I hope to be dancing that day.

    Wish I was close and able to get in the hot springs. Looks like a fun and eclectic place.

    • You can be sure that we’ll sing a song for you on your birthday, and everyone at Groovy Gritz can sing along!
      Yes, you can really sit on cushions on the floor at one of the tables, but it does take some maneuvering unless you are young or a yoga practitioner.
      Good to hear from you.

  3. […] four of us enjoyed a late lunch at Cafe Groovy Gritz, then stopped in to see Jeff, the Tie-Dye […]

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