Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 3, 2011

Halloween in T or C

Preface: Today is November 3rd. This post was written last Sunday, the day before Halloween, but due to a strange vortex in the universe, the reason given below about T or C running on its own schedule, or perhaps latent senility in the author, it sat in my “Posts” file as a “Draft” and never was published.

Rather than waste the words and the photos, I decided to go ahead and send it out today.

So if you happen to have any Trick or Treat candy left, just grab a piece and read on…….

Life in the town of  Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, seems to run on its own schedule, which may – or may not – fall in line with life elsewhere on the planet.

Take Halloween, for example.

Tomorrow is October 31st, or “official” Halloween on the calendar.

But, in T or C, yesterday was “official” Halloween, as was evidenced by the throngs of monsters, ghosts, goblins, faeiries, and their parents, grandparents and other costumed adults, parading along the main streets of the downtown area in full “Trick or Treat” mode.

In the spirit of Halloween, Keith and I donned Sonny and Cher outfits for our afternoon performance on the patio at Riverbend Hot Springs. It was a fun show, and we enjoyed the company of those who came to listen.

It was around 6 p.m. by the time we had packed up our instruments and sound system, so we decided to walk downtown to experience Halloween in T or C, and to grab a bite to eat at Groovy Gritz, where we’ll be playing on Saturday, November 19th.

As we emerged from our alley to walk one block to Broadway Street, we were amazed at all the people on the street, going from one business to the next, to fill their Trick or Treat bags with candy from local merchants, the fire department, which set up a candy stop in a parking lot, and residents who simply brought bags of candy and their lawn chairs, and parked themselves in a comfy spot to enjoy the sight and treat the kids.

It was wonderful, and everyone was having a good time.

We joined the parade for a while, and then ducked in to Groovy Gritz. Everyone there was all decked out for the holiday, and the place was packed.

We ordered Jambalaya, and enjoyed people watching while listening to the band. Keith couldn’t resist getting shots of some of the holiday revelers….

Our Server

Groovy Gritz Owners, Joyce and Rob

Another Server - read the apron

Our Friend, Jeff, who is always willing to lend a hand - ha ha!

Elvis and his lovely companion ~ a disgruntled Vikings fan

The food was great, the company excellent, and as we felt that our Halloween celebration was complete, we took the short walk back home.

By that time, the streets were almost deserted. The young revelers were home, sorting their candy and comparing loot while their parents relaxed.

It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves in a friendly and safe environment. Good job, downtown merchants, for organizing the event, and thanks T or C for sharing it with us!



  1. Where’s Sony and Cher? I wanted to see them as well.

    • Sadly, Sonny and Cher managed to evade the paparazzi that day, and not a single picture of them has surfaced 😦

  2. We had a great time handing out candy to the Trick or Treaters in Douglass this year. It was a new experience for the businesses in Douglass and it was so much fun that the businesses will be doing it again next year. Wish we had taken some photos of some of the creative costumes the kids were wearing.

  3. […] Last year, the city decided to move Halloween from October 31st to a few days prior, for convenience sake. (see this post for details). […]

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