Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 27, 2011

La-Z-Boy Love

Anyone who has ever spent much time in a camper is painfully aware of how uncomfortable, in general, the furniture is.

Built to be lightweight, and intended for occasional use, each piece is constructed with what seems to be little regard for the humans who will be using it.

Most pieces are designed for multiple uses, and camper manufacturers have figured out a way to turn just about everything into a bed so you can sleep your entire extended family in a few hundred square feet of space.

Our fifth wheel camper was no exception.

It didn’t take long for us to ditch the dinette, sell one sofa, remove the existing mattress and replace it with our own comfy pillow-top, and move the nicer of the two sofas to the music/TV room/2nd bedroom.

However, after 18 months of use, this “nicer” sofa had seen better days. It never had been very comfortable, and it was humorous to watch us try to sit and watch a movie, listen to Harry Potter books on tape, or do anything that required sitting on that sofa for more than 10 minutes.

We’d squirm and re-arrange ourselves in all manner of positions. We tried adding footstools, which helped a bit, but certainly did not solve the problem.

Last Friday night, we were both in such foul moods after spending the evening on that couch, we decided to just do something about it, and seek out a replacement the next day.

So, yesterday morning we drove over to Amin’s Furniture store in Truth or Consequences with a sheet of measurements, as there are some restrictions on what you can get through the door of a camper, and we only had so much space the new sofa could fit into.

We checked out our options. We sat in every sofa and chair that met our specifications. We were going for comfort first – looks second.

We gave up on the idea of a sofa bed ~ a good air bed could provide comfortable sleeping if needed.

Motion furniture was on the top of the list…multi-position recliners rock! (Are we showing our age?)

After much sitting and consideration, we narrowed the selection down to a loveseat with two recliners, and two recliner chairs.

If we had been going for upholstery preference and visual appeal, the chairs would have won hands down. They were a chocolate brown suede-type fabric that would probably shown every thread and piece of lint that we tracked in.

They sure were pretty though, but not nearly as comfy as the La-Z-Boy loveseat.

La-Z-Boy at Home

Believe me, it was seating heaven, and as comfort was our main concern, we decided that we could live with the fact that it’s not “high style”.

The taupe brown upholstery was soft and almost “fleecy”, and it would complement the other colors in our camper decor, and when the saleswoman told us that they could deliver it in about an hour and haul off the old sofa at the same time, we knew it was one of those “meant-to-be’s”.

The fact that there is no sales tax on furniture was a totally unexpected bonus!

We hopped happily back into the truck for the short ride home, to disassemble the old sofa and ready the space for our new La-Z-Boy.

Last night we spent 3 hours listening to Harry Potter as we lounged on our new loveseat ~ truly relaxed and comfy ~ even the cat seemed to enjoy it as she joined us for the evening.



  1. We LOVE our 2 recliners – the best investment we ever made. The only bad thing is that we both fall asleep watching TV in the evening and it’s not easy to have to get up to go to bed. Yes, I think we’re getting OLDer!

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