Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 1, 2011

Tie-Dye King

Although some of you folks out there may think that tie-dye went out with the 60’s, I am here to tell you that the art of tie-dye is alive and well right here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico!

In this town of old hippies and hippie wanna-be’s, you will see more tie-dye clothes and accessories than anywhere I’ve ever been, and if you happen to ask where these clothes were purchased, the answer will most likely be “Dukatt’s”.

Jeff Dukatt, artist and proprietor of  “Dukatt 71”, a rambling shop on Third St. in T or C, is something of a local legend, and his shop is certainly on the list of “places to see” when you visit this quirky little town.

Artist and Shop Owner, Jeff Dukatt

Jeff has been perfecting his art since 1971, as the name of his shop attests to, and his creations are not your usual tie-dye products.

A close look at his work reveals not only the beautiful, mottled colors of traditional tie-dye, but also patterns like lace and reptile skin.

Plus, Jeff will work his creative magic on just about anything:

From traditional t-shirts…..

….to bedsheets, socks, and even the world’s largest underpants!

Jeff can also recycle your old clothes and give them a bright, new life. Just bring them in to the shop, and you won’t believe how good they look when you come back to pick them up!

It can be a little overwhelming when you first walk through the door, but take a moment to get your bearings, and start to look around….you’ll be amazed, and I guarantee that you’ll find the perfect treat for your inner wild child.



  1. Love!

    • This guy is amazing – you can take your old clothes to him and he’ll work his magic to make them look new again. Pretty cool!

  2. Those underpants have scarred me for life!

  3. Jeff once watched my home when I went on vacation. When I returned, not only did I have the most wonderful collection of tie dyed socks, shirts, jackets, and sheets, the lawn in my back yard, where Jeff dried them, was tie dyed for more than three months and four mowings!!!

    I love this guy and his art.

    • Thanks for the comment, Bruce, I can just picture the whole scene. Jeff truly is an artist and quite the character!

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