Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 7, 2011

No Particular Place to Go

We started our morning slowly.

Two cups of coffee while watching the news in bed, waiting for the hot springs tubs across the street at Riverbend, to heat up.

The outside temperature – in the sun – was 30 degrees, and in the low 20’s in the shade.

We rolled out of bed at around 9:15, pulled on our bathing suits, bathrobes and flip flops and scurried across the street.

Spirals of steam rose from the five Riverbend pools, and as few guests had yet braved the cold for a soak, we had the place to ourselves.

On most days we would have immersed ourselves in the 104 degree pool, but today we stepped quickly into the steamy 106 degree waters of the middle “Minnow Pool”.


A slight north breeze cooled our heads and shoulders as we hunkered down in the water…and gazed across the Rio Grande at the snow sprinkled on Turtleback Mountain.

This is exactly what we came to New Mexico and Riverbend for, and we happily soaked our bones and prepared ourselves for the day ahead.

Not that there was much really to prepare for.

We are in our second day of the “weekend” of our three-day-on / three-day-off work schedule at the hot springs.

And, as the weather is/has been pretty cold the past few days, we didn’t have much on our plate, other than preparing meals, playing music, listening to Harry Potter audio books, and bundling up for a walk downtown so that we don’t turn into total slugs!

Forecast for tomorrow?

More of the same. Yes, this is the life!


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