Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 12, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Bennett!

What a wild, wonderful life it’s been since my first grandson, Bennett, was born just one year ago today!

This little guy is so darling and has brought so much joy into our family that we can’t imagine what we did before he joined us on this planet.

He weighed just under 6 lbs. at birth, but as you can see from the birthday photo below, he has been thriving under the care of his adoring parents.

Keith and I were not present at Bennett’s party today, as we live more than halfway across the country from one another, but a host of his mom and dad’s friends and their children arrived to share the afternoon and join in the celebration with a balloon-themed party.

Although we weren’t there in person, we certainly were in spirit, and in honor of Bennett’s birthday we managed to figure out how to operate the video feature on our camera, and also how to upload videos to youtube, so that we could record him the “Happy Birthday” song.

It’s a bit rough, as we don’t have video editing software, but the heartfelt message is what’s important…’s the link:

Happy Birthday to you, Bennett, and many, many more!


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