Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 15, 2011

I’m Mom and I’m Proud!

After sitting my third 7-hour shift at the hot springs while wearing a pair of great-looking, low-rise jeans AND enduring much intestine and bladder squashing because of it, I reached my uncomfort limit and said to myself,  “enough is enough”.

The very next day I took a walk downtown to the local thrift shop and treated myself to a lovely, like-new, $2 pair of Lee Rider “Mom Jeans”.

Now I am in heaven!

Me, sporting my new pair of Mom Jeans (note: sweater is tucked in so you can see the waistline - I'm not that much of a "Mom" that I would go out in public like that...we all have our limits!)

Ever since the airing of the infamous “Mom Jeans” Mother’s Day Commercial on Saturday Night Live, women everywhere have been plagued with fear that their personal choice of denim apparel for the lower half of their bodies would fall into the “Mom Jeans” category.

This fear is so widespread, real, and acute, that mature women the world over – who, in so many other areas of life show much more wisdom – have traded in their comfortable denims that rose to the waist and provided room for movement in the seat and thigh, for low-cut, hipster slim-fit jeans that cut into their bellies and produce copious amounts of muffin-top on all but the slenderest of females.

The trend is so widespread, and the Mom Jeans phenomenon so popular, that young women actually blog about how to avoid making this huge fashion faux pas…this post titled “Mom Jeans and the Dreaded Long Butt” is just one example.

I must admit that I learned something new from reading this post, and what I learned sent me immediately into the closet to assess the “Long Butt” potential of my new jeans.

They didn’t fare too badly ~ but I do have to admit that they were not as flattering to my posterior as my tighter-fitting jeans, and I can definitely see where they got the term “long butt”.

The blog post says that it's the placement and length of the pockets in Mom Jeans that makes your butt look long. Of course, the fullness at the base of the butt doesn't help, but it sure is comfortable!

Another good example of a Mom Jeans blog can be found here. This blogger does redeem herself, though, from poking total fun, by describing the effects of women going too far in the other direction, and advises that “some women’s jeans are low enough to make a plumber blush.”

I am confident that we have all been subjected to sights like that, and I, for one, have grown tired of worrying about how much of myself was exposed every time I bent down in public…..Mom Jeans certainly solve that problem!

Perhaps there are others like me out there who are tired of wearing fashion jeans, and who are willing to take a step back in time and give Mom Jeans another chance.

I can promise that you’ll enjoy the freedom of movement ~ you’ll feel 5 lbs. smaller because your muffin top will disappear ~ they will be made of 100% cotton because the manufacturer does not have to add stretch fabric just so you can wriggle into them ~ and you can test drive a new pair for a fraction of the cost of new jeans, since I think the only place you can currently buy Mom Jeans is at a used clothing store!

And, as fashion trends seem to run in a circular pattern, perhaps we can help to bring Mom Jeans back, sooner, rather than later.

So, I’ll wear my Mom Jeans with pride, and enjoy the comfort, but will maintain an awareness that I could end up on someone else’s blog as a prime example of bad fashion sense 🙂



  1. I second your support of Mom jeans – and admit that I also have a pair that are comfort sublime 🙂

  2. I have a couple pair of low cut jeans. I hate them! Comfort is the most important thing to me so I wear “old lady” jeans with an elastic waist.

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