Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | February 16, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun

This morning, we woke up back in T or C, and our week-long trip to Virginia seemed like a wonderful dream of non-stop fun….

Bennett and Grammy goofing around ~ handmade quilt by Great-Aunt Carol as a backdrop!

I can’t believe the good times we had just hanging out with one little 14 month-old boy who never seemed to lose the smile on his face until bedtime, when his thumb would go into his mouth, his head would go down on your shoulder, and he would be off in dreamland.

Bennett snoozing on Mom's shoulder

Of course, there was the one night when he amazed us all, by taking my thumbs for assistance with walking, and he simply and deliberately marched down the hall, up the stairs to his bedroom door….climbed onto the bed and laid down ~ you should have seen his parents’ faces! That tiny man knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it.

Bathtime giggles and squeals

I am, obviously, a proud grandparent, as well as a proud parent ~ Bennett’s mom and dad are so attentive, loving and patient with him, and it shows in their son’s happy, gregarious demeanor.

Bennett and Papa looking at books

For Valentine’s Day, Keith and I gifted Bennett with his very first tye-dye shirt, from Jeff Dukatt’s shop in T or C. Here’s “the boys” modeling their very own Dukatt creations!

"Hoo-Hoo and B" Groovin' in their tye-dye shirts!

Our first day in Virginia, Keith was wearing a Grateful Dead shirt with graphics of the Wonderland Jam Band on it, and Bennett, enamored with one of the animals on the shirt, started pointing and saying “Hoo-Hoo”, which quickly became his name for Keith…

I will cherish each moment of the trip forever, and have some wonderful photos as reminders of all the good times….hope you enjoy them too.



  1. I love, love, love being a grandma. I have 29 grandchildren now and am happy that most of them live in or near Topeka so I can see them regularly. Enjoy B’s childhood, because they grow up so quickly.

    • I can’t even imagine having 29 grandchildren – holidays and birthdays must cost a fortune!

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