Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | February 17, 2012

The Birthday Boy Celebrates

Yesterday ~ February 16th ~ was Keith’s Birthday.

After opening cards and reading e-mail and facebook greetings, he decided to celebrate by dining on all manner of “evil foods” that are not a normal part of our diet….always the “bad boy”.

In that spirit, we started the day at Denny’s of all places, so Keith could consume mass quantities of pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, hash browns, and sourdough toast, all washed down with a couple of Cokes.

Birthday Breakfast at Denny's

After the feast, we returned home so Keith could snooze on the couch in a carbohydrate induced coma!

The initial plan for the day was to follow the Denny’s breakfast with a Double Down sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch, and then proceed to a local steakhouse for a nice dinner.

I guess the “Old Man” just can’t quite keep up with his old dining habits, as his breakfast lasted way past lunchtime, and it was almost 7 p.m. before he decided he could handle something else to eat, and we ended up ordering take-out pizza from a local eatery, Cafe Bella Luca.

Birthday dinner of white pizza with garlic, spinach and roasted chicken

The pizza was delicious, and made for a nice early evening treat in front of the TV….and Keith has reserved the right to claim his Birthday Double Down at another time.

The grand finale of this day of wild eating, was a big bowl of Blue Bunny Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream, which is our absolute favorite, and which we had not been able to find since we left Kansas!

All in all, Keith reports that it was a good Birthday, and thanks everyone for the well wishes that should carry him through the rest of the year!




    • Thank you BD, it was great, when you two coming for a bit of R&R

  2. We’re short on $$$ and time right now. Hope to come see you after we receive our tax refund.

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