Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | March 11, 2012

Take Me Back to Tulsa

It’s been a wild week….crazy wind storms, summer temps and then yesterday, it snowed…today it’s back to spring!

When we’ve not been outdoors enjoying the weather, we’ve been spending time in the studio working on learning to use our Boss BR-800 digital recorder.

It’s a simple machine, but we’ve never really gotten the knack of using it without having to consult the book to make sure we were doing things right.

We’re still far from being “there”, but we did manage to record a song or two, and also to transfer them from the recorder to the computer, and then to export the files as mp3’s. (We’re kind of proud of ourselves, actually).

Our small success has inspired us to continue, and to (hopefully) present a series of new songs on the blog, for your listening pleasure…..after all, this blog is supposed to be about music and we seem to have been sidetracked by food and wine over the winter.

The first song of our series ~ Take Me Back To Tulsa ~ was written by “The King of Western Swing”, Bob Wills, and pianist, Bobby Duncan, in 1940, for Bob’s band, The Texas Playboys.

Our arrangement features Keith on a Gold Tone Paul E. Beard Signature resonator guitar, the newest member of our musical instrument family, for those times we need the tinny, old-time resonator/slide guitar sound.

Of course, the sound would not be “complete” without the use of a Craftsman deep well 11/16 socket for a slide!

Click here to listen…



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