Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 2, 2012

Homegrown Tomatoes

There’s just something about Spring that makes you want to get out and dig in the dirt.

It’s been several years since we sold our home on the river with a big garden, and started our new life of living on the road as traveling musicians and workampers, and the call of the garden has grown stronger each year.

So, since we are planning on staying here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, for at least the remainder of the year, we decided to try our hand at growing a little garden in the desert.

Now, keep in mind that we live on a gravel parking lot and even if we had dirt, it would not be the fertile, riverbed soil we were used to in Kansas, so we had to improvise.

All it took was one 15 mile trip to Animas Creek Nursery for two bags of “magic dirt”, one wood pallet, a scrap of landscape cloth, some dried reeds from the river, and a truck bed full of tomato, cucumber, herb and pepper plants, along with some green bean, okra and squash seeds, and a few random flower pots and we were in business!

Here is the end result ~ a little “Garden of Eatin” right here in the desert……we’ll keep you posted on how the garden grows, with our blazing sun, low humidity, and strong winds. (Might take a miracle, but we’re hopeful!)

Our Little Desert Garden

And, in the spirit of spring gardens full of potential, and all the love that goes into their care, we offer up this little tune, written by Texas born singer-songwriter, Guy Clark, and released in 1983.

“Homegrown Tomatoes”



  1. Good luck with your growing adventure in the desert.

    • Thanks – we’ll post an update in a few months to let everyone know how things are going.

  2. Love the garden and the homegrown tomatoes song – can’t wait till the crop comes in.

  3. I have been wondering what you were doing since your last post on March 20. Now I know – you two have been very busy!

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