Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 11, 2012

Come On Down to My Boat Baby!

Captain Keith of the "Sunset Ride"

If you happen to live in New Mexico like we do, just a few miles from the largest body of water in the state ~ Elephant Butte Dam and Reservoir, which measures 40 miles long and is edged with more than 200 miles of shoreline ~ it’s hard not to catch boating fever when the weather warms up in the spring.

Actually, both Keith and I had never quite recovered from a bout of the “disease” contracted last year when we lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Luckily, we managed to stave off a purchase…..then.

But over the last few weeks, we found ourselves thinking about how much fun it would be to get out on the lake for some fishing, swimming and tubing, or just plain running about.

While we were thinking, we found ourselves starting to notice “For Sale” signs on boats around town, and before long we were doing some online searching and research while we figured out what type of boat would work best for us, and what price range we were looking in.

I have no prior boating experience unless you count time spent in rowboats motorized with an old Evanrude trolling motor that my Dad had.

But, I am a Pisces, and have been drawn to water all my life ~ just never had hooked up with a partner who loved the water as much as I did.

Keith, however, is an Aquarian ~ a water-bearer ~ and what better person could there possibly be to bring the fish to water!

So….Cap’n Keith knows boats…loves the water and the sun…loves to fish….and can even water ski, so I felt secure with his judgement and opinions on the subject of boats and boat buying.

Plus, since he was the one who would be footing the bill for the purchase, it was his final decision to make.

So, after looking around for a while, we stumbled upon a pretty cool boat right in our own backyard ~ Keith bought it from the son of the owners of Riverbend Hot Springs where we live and work.

She’s a beautiful old gal with rich, teak wood trim and a tri-colored interior of cream, beige and black. The bikini top and full cabin enclosure are in super shape, so we can easily ride out a storm or cold weather and be cozy in the cabin!

The Captain’s new ride is a classic 1988 Mach 1 Eclipse…a 16 ft. runabout with a 4.3 liter V6 engine with only 626 hours on it, and quadra-jet 4 barrel carburetor, and we can’t wait to get her out on the water!

The "Sunset Ride"

She is in almost pristine condition – having lived in a garage or under a canopy most of her life, and after a bit of detailing the past two days, she is ready to go to the shop for a check-up before her maiden voyage.

We are so excited! Yesterday we had cocktails in the boat, which was sitting on the trailer in our yard, just to see how it felt. It felt grand!

Even Catty Jones got into the act, and spent some time last evening curled up on the bikini top.

We’ promise to update this post with some on-water pics once we get her in the lake, and we send out an invitation to all our water-loving family and friends to come out for a cruise on the “Sunset Ride” 🙂



  1. Congratulations on the new boat – she is beautiful!

    • Thanks ~ she should be a lot of fun this summer!

  2. Beautiful boat. You will be amazed at how much time you will spend on her.

  3. […] loaded up into the truck for the short drive to Elephant Butte Lake, for a cocktail hour cruise on our boat, followed by dinner at the marina, with our “Lake […]

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