Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 22, 2012

Almost Instant Throw Pillows

I’m not much of a seamstress, but I do enjoy spending some time crafting every now and then, especially when I can re-purpose materials and sort of make something from nothing.

Right before Easter, I made my grandson a stuffed rabbit from a cotton sweater and felted wool. It turned out pretty cute ~ but not as cute as the recipient!

Bennett and His Bunny

The project required the purchase of a bag of fiberfill stuffing, but I used just a tiny bit of it, and the rest of the bag had been sitting in a corner for almost a month while I tried to find a place to stow it in the camper.

The other day I finally admitted I just didn’t have a home for it, so I started searching online for inspiration on something to stuff.

I was looking for a no-brainer project that would look amazing, and after scouring page after page on crafting websites, there it was!!!!!

A throw pillow made from a thrift shop placemat ~ it met all my criteria….good looking, easy, quick, and cheap.

So, Keith and I took a stroll to the local thrift shop and I purchased a placemat for 50 cents.

After washing, I ironed it, and cut open several inches of the stitching on one of the sides, and proceeded to fluff my stuffing and poke it into the placemat.

I crammed every bit of leftover fiberfill into that pillow and then hand-stitched the opening back up, along the original seam lines.

Then, it was done…and I was the proud owner of a lovely throw pillow for my couch.

Pretty amazing! I think you should try it.



  1. Very Clever and I love the bunny!

    • Hi Chris….Thanks for the comment…I think that B liked the TV remote more than the bunny, but then, he’s a boy, after all!

  2. Very nice!

  3. Wonderful time for you and great seeing Benntt and his blond hair…..darling.

    • Of course, I agree that he’s the cutest thing ~ we’re going to see that boy in June….my best to the Andover clan!

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