Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 3, 2012

T or C Week in Review

If you happened to notice, it’s been a while since I shared a new post on the blog…it’s been crazy busy around our house, and it’s been fun.

I’ll try to give a somewhat condensed version of our past week, to catch you up…..but, be forewarned….it’s a long post!

Tuesday, April 24th: Our friend, Giselle’s “double nickel” birthday! We celebrated with a cook-out – Keith’s famous green chile cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries, accompanied by coleslaw and chocolate cake for desert.

Giselle and Ann at the Buffet, with Ken hiding in the background!

Our friends, “Roger Massager” and his lovely wife, Ann, joined us, along with our neighbor, Ken.

Roger and Ann own and operate the Birch Street Retreat ~ a comfy B&B just a few blocks away from Riverbend Hot Springs.

The B&B is also home to Roger’s massage practice.

It was a beautiful, cool and refreshing desert evening and the six of us sat and ate and chatted until bedtime.

Roger, Giselle, Me, Ann and Keith ~ Full Bellies, Happy Hearts!

We had a new neighbor pull in to the campground for a few days….New Mexico author, Greg Sagemiller, and his wife, were here in T or C for a book signing on Friday at Black Cat Books.

Greg’s new novel, “Walking the Earth”, a mystery novel about the looting of archeological sites, is set in the magnificent landscapes of the southwest.

Novelist, Greg Sagemiller, with his new book, “Walking the Earth”

We wish Greg success with his new book, and look forward to delving into our copy.

But a relaxing day of reading was not quite in the cards for us yet….especially on the music front.

We had a rolicking good time on Friday night, playing for a private party at Riverbend Hot Springs. Our friend, Zoe Ann, had organized a “Girl’s Weekend” for a dozen of her closest friends, and Keith and I joined them for a fun-filled evening on the patio.

Smokin’ Oldies on the Patio at Riverbend

Saturday morning didn’t cut us any slack, and we stowed guitars into the truck and drove for about an hour to Kingston, New Mexico, located in the Black Mountains, to open the music stage at Noon, for their Centennial Celebration and Music Fest.

On the ride to and from Kingston, we had the pleasure of the company of writer, Ten Rose, who was participating in a “local author” segment of the festival. In addition to being a published author, Ten is a world traveler, philosopher, independent thinker and philanthropist.

His first book, “Fearless Puppy on American Road”, is a straightforward, sometimes raw, but always interesting, chronicle of his life travels.

As a thank you for the ride to Kingston, Ten gifted us with a CD containing the pre-publication edition of his next book – “Reincarnation Through Common Sense” – which was inspired by time spent in a Tibetan Monastery.

When we arrived in Kingston, the little mountain town was all decked out for the festival, and we found The Black Range Lodge to be a quaint and picturesque site for the music fest.

Our time on stage passed quickly, and we stopped for a sandwich in the Lodge before driving back home, as we were expecting out-of-town guests from Kansas, that afternoon.

I’ve known Dean and Barbara for about 18 years ~ all three of us used to work together ~ and they kindly “adopted” Keith into the fold when he came along.

Now that they are “retired”, our old friends have turned their part-time antique business into a full- time way of life, and we were lucky enough to be one of the stops on their “picking” trip into the southwest.

Their shop, “Antiques and Americana”, in Douglass, Kansas, will benefit some from their time in T or C…..we visited the Mary Welty Gallery, January’s Gallery, the Community Health Foundation Thrift Shop, garage sales and other antique shops along the way, as we shared our little town with “BD and Dean”.

No trip to T or C would be complete without a visit to Elephant Butte Lake, so we decided to drive over to the Elephant Butte Inn for a delightful Sunday Brunch before heading to the lake.

I insisted on taking a slightly round-about way to the Inn, because I wanted to show our friends a sight they would not often see – agave plants sending up their flower stalks…….

“New Mexico Asparagus” (tee hee!)

Our neighbor, Ken, said that these are Century Plants which bloom only once in 100 years….my plant book leads me to believe that they are Parry Agave plants that bloom every 20 or 30 years…..but either way, the 15 foot tall, asparagus shaped shoots are quite a sight to see, and I am really looking forward to seeing those shoots when they sprout flowers at the top! (photo will come)

After our short detour, we arrived at the Inn, and were seated for brunch, which was excellent. We had our choice of all the usual brunch foods, but the selection was enhanced by some not-so-usual brunch dishes like a delicious southwest enchilada casserole, light and fluffy cherry blintzes, and some mighty fine eggs benedict!

We walked off our breakfast with a stroll along the lake shore….

BD and Dean at Elephant Butte Lake

We followed our peaceful time at the lake with a visit to the tie-dye King, Dukatt ’71, on the way back into town, and BD and Dean were kind enough to pose with the famous giant underpants, before making their purchases….

Next stop on our journey was the Exotic Cactus Ranch….a plant nursery devoted totally to cactus and succulents. Keith and I had it on our radar for some time, but saved it for this visit, as BD had a personal interest in cacti.

I have a host of beautiful pictures of the most interesting plants you can imagine, but I will just share a few of them here, as this post is becoming a novel in itself!

It was cocktail hour by the time we returned home from our travels, so we sat outside and relaxed before dinner, and made plans for the next day…….a road trip into the Gila Mountains for a visit to the Gila Cliff Dwellings ~ a trip in which the road itself is one of the highlights of the journey.

Now, Keith and I had experienced this road before…on the map it appears to be a 30 minute drive, but once on the journey, it twists and turns and switches back and forth as it snakes its way through the mountains for hours ~ a Dramamine moment for me, to be sure!

So, next morning, after breakfast at the Happy Belly Deli, a stop at the thrift shop, garage sale and antique shop, we headed to the Gila, and the beautiful, cool, mountain scenery that awaited us.

Three hours later, we arrived, and after a quick snack at Doc Campbell’s Trading Post, we hiked to the Cliff Dwellings, which are specatular.

I can’t offer any photos of this trip, as Dean was the official photog, but should he send anything impressive, I’ll be sure to update this post.

The weary travelers arrived back in T or C at 8:30 p.m., just in time for BD and Dean to enjoy one last soak in the Hot Springs before jumping into bed to rest up for the continuation of their picking journey the next day.

It was a wild, fun, and interesting week, and Keith and I are still laying low and recovering from all the excitement.

Thanks to the wonderful folks who came our way to share themselves and their talents with us this past week….we love you all!



  1. We had a wonderful time with you two and hope to visit again. Thanks for sharing all the pics. We’ll e-mail some pics to you as soon as Dean gets them sized.

  2. Jeremy loves the cacti we picked out for him. I also shared your cacti photos with him. He thought they were “cool”.

    • So glad that he approved of your selection 🙂 Wish him Happy Birthday from us, too!

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