Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | May 8, 2012

T or C Fiesta

Each year since 1950, when Hot Springs, New Mexico, changed its name to Truth or Consequences, residents and celebrities alike have been celebrating on the first full weekend in May, with a Fiesta.

The first Fiesta honored the name change, which was the result of winning a contest promoted by Ralph Edwards, the host of the radio show, “Truth or Consequences”.

Ralph, his wife, Barbara, and many celebrities have traveled to this little town during Fiesta over the years, and though the celebrities have long since stopped coming, local residents now pick up the slack on the first weekend in May.

It seemed like the whole town turned up for the parade on Saturday morning to get the party going.

There were horses…

….and clowns…..

…beauty queens…

…and ice cream floats (pun intended!)

Events were held throughout the weekend with music in the park, and old hippies getting a groove on…

junk boat races…..

food vendors, a rodeo, horseshoe pitching contests, a carnival….

street dance, rubber duck race, golf tournament, and a whole bunch of just plain fun!

Since Keith and I live just a block from the parade route and Ralph Edwards Park, we could walk over to the festivities and hang out for a while, and then return home to rest up for the next round.

It was a great weekend and we’re grateful for all the locals who worked so hard to carry on this small town tradition!



  1. Looks like fun! Guess we should have stayed another week.

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