Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 23, 2012

Crescent Moon Magic

Last night, after dinner at the lake, we watched the crescent moon rise over the water, to float through a sea of clouds on the velvet sky.

While gazing heavenward, I remembered a little crescent moon good fortune ritual that our friend, Patrick, a “Brit” who was raised in South Africa, had told us about…something he has done since childhood, and which he claims has prevented him from ever being without means.

It sounded simple enough, and as every one of us could use a nice dose of good fortune, we decided to join him in his practice.

Patrick’s wife, Ellen, made a quick dash to the sailboat for some coins, and then passed them out so that each of us had some silver in our pockets.

When the moon emerged from the clouds, we stood on the dock, bowed to her three times, turned the coins over in our pockets, and offered up a silent prosperity prayer to the universe.

This morning, I did some internet inquiry into this practice, and learned that Patrick’s ritual is based on ancient British and Scottish folk customs.

The concept is that as the moon –  which is associated with the metal, silver – increases in size, the silver in your pocket will do likewise, when you make your request appropriately at the crescent moon.

Sure hope it works…and next month, perhaps everyone should give it a go!

Just for fun, if you’d like to see a list of this, and other snippets of moon folklore, check out this link.


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