Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 21, 2012

Celebrating Two Years On the Road

August is the month that Keith and I celebrate the anniversary of our “Sunset Ride”…a term coined for our life as traveling musicians, which began two sweet years ago.

“For Drinks and Tips” chronicles many of our adventures as we’ve traversed the country, though at present we are somewhat grounded in the quirky New Mexico desert town of Truth or Consequences.

Life here allows us to live comfortably in our fifth wheel, play and develop our music, and meet up with some mighty interesting folk who share our freedom-loving philosophies.

We began our anniversary celebration on August 1st, with a much-anticipated visit from my sister, Carol, and her husband, Dave, who traveled from Grand Lake, Oklahoma to check out our digs.

Here they are, enjoying a morning soak in one of the three private pools at Riverbend Hot Springs.

The four of us enjoyed a late lunch at Cafe Groovy Gritz, then stopped in to see Jeff, the Tie-Dye King.

We each made a creative,  colorful purchase, and the customary photos in tie-dye with antlers and the “World’s Largest Underpants” were taken!

We all had a good laugh, and then loaded up into the truck for the short drive to Elephant Butte Lake, for a cocktail hour cruise on our boat, followed by dinner at the marina, with our “Lake Friends”.

Patrick made his famous “Bunny Chow” ~ a rustic lamb curry ~ served in homemade bread bowls.

We all sat around on Mack’s pontoon boat to eat and chat, and watch the full moon rise over the lake…

To celebrate our guests of honor, the full moon, 2nd anniversary, good food and friends, we broke out the first bottle of our  homemade Elderflower Wine, which everyone – except Patrick – enjoyed.

But then, he’s a scotch drinker, so his thumbs down was not a deal breaker, and I noticed that several of our guests went back for refills, so we decided our wine ~ and anniversary ~ was a huge success!



  1. truly happy you two are enjoying life. But that’s just my opinion. YFY!

    Dana R Bennett

  2. The antlers are a nice touch, too. Thanks, Barbara and Keith for sharing your adventures with the rest of us. It’s fun to live vicariously!

    • We aim to please 🙂 Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. Oh so nice to read about your fun experiences in TorC Barbara! Look forward to returning, seeing you both and settling back into the funkiness of it all…..

    • Such a treat to hear from you ~ hope your travels north are bringing you cooler days and loads of fun! We’ll be ready to party when you return….safe travels!

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