Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 9, 2012

Where Did the Summer Go?!

It’s 61 degrees…grey and drizzling…clouds hang low on Turtleback Mountain…fall has arrived in New Mexico, and I sit, wondering, where the summer went.

The brutal heat we endured for months, which chased us indoors by 10 a.m., is gone. Oh, there will still be warm days, but the sun now hangs low in the sky, and all of us  “desert rats” can finally come out of hiding.

It WAS a good summer, though – good-natured complaining aside – and we spent many fine afternoons swimming and fishing at Elephant Butte Lake, evenings playing music for a growing fan base, a fun trip to Virginia to visit grandson, Bennett, cook-outs with friends, and simply relaxing through the heat of the day.

I am hopeful that the cooler weather will inspire me to start blogging and sharing our Sunset Ride adventures more regularly.

Here are a couple of pics to get things started!

Our little desert garden…..lots of tomatoes, basil and peppers, but I couldn’t grow a green bean to save my life!

Keith introducing the Blue Moon, Friday, August 31st ~ the last until 2015!.



  1. Happy to see a blog from you again! Fall is in the air here too. We are SO ready for it. We’re hoping the 100 degree temperatures are over for this year. Our walk at 55 degrees this morning was in long sleeves – I love it!

    • Yes, I’ve been in some kind of heat-induced fog for the past two months and could not find the inspiration to post….hopefully that’s all over now. Glad your weather has turned, too. Enjoy those long sleeves!

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