Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 11, 2012


A few weeks ago, as the seasons began to change, and we felt that slow shift toward cooler temperatures, Keith and I decided that it was high time to make a mad dash to Kansas to visit family, before winter weather could raise its ugly head and make travel miserable.

A quick look at our work schedule, and a bit of coordination with the schedules of others, resulted in a small window of time this week that was open to make the trip.

So, we packed up some clothes and left our desert home on a lovely 94 degree afternoon, and pointed the truck toward Amarillo for our first night stop.

As we climbed from the truck in front of the Holiday Inn Express at exit 64 on I-40 later that evening, in our shorts and sandals, we were hit with a shock of 34 degree night air that had us hustling toward the door. It was our first experience with temperatures that cold this season, and I can’t really say it was enjoyable.

Our room at “The Inn” was gorgeous! A new facility with the most comfortable bed I think I’ve ever slept on….it even had a flat screen TV in the bathroom (in addition to the larger version in the main room)!

After an amazing night’s sleep, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and climbed back into the truck for the drive to Grove, Oklahoma, and a short but sweet visit with my sister and her husband at their Grand Lake home.

Me, Keith, Carol and Dave in Grove, Oklahoma

The guys played golf and my sister and I did some casual house-hunting, which, if you know our family, is always a favored activity…we moved so often and had so much experience with home selling and buying, that “real estate lady” was a favorite childhood game 🙂

After a too-short visit, we climbed back into the truck for the drive north on Highway 59, toward Ottawa, Kansas, our old stomping grounds, for a late-afternoon soiree with Keith’s sister.

Keith and Kathy

We both would have preferred to spend more time with our sisters, but at least we had the opportunity to reconnect and share some smiles and time reminiscing.

And, although I missed my sister in Portland on this trip, know that you are on the radar for 2013!



  1. It was a short but sweet visit !

  2. Yay! See you soon!

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