Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 19, 2012

Keith and Company

Last Saturday, we gathered at the home of Keith’s daughter, Courtney, for a fun day with the “Pence Girls”  and their families.

Keith’s son, Tyler, was unable to make the trek from Minneapolis, but we did have the chance for some “face time” with him, his girlfriend, Stacy, and their cat, Steve, via iPhone.

Ellie, Maylee, Keith, Matt, Courtney, Meghan, Ticker and Gabe

We sat around the table in the light-filled dining room for beverages, appetizers and lunch, courtesy of Keith’s daughters, Meghan and Courtney, while the grand-daughters provided entertainment in the form of a fashion show….prancing along the runway in an interesting variety of dress-up outfits and footwear borrowed from mom’s closet, while grandson, Tucker, sat with the grown-ups, and watched the KU football team lose to Oklahoma. Boo!

We gifted the grandkids with tie-dye t-shirt creations from Dukatt, the T or C Tie-Dye King, which bore the slogan “Not really new, Not really Mexico” in the outline of the state of New Mexico, which gave their parents a chuckle, even if it did not impress the kids.
Here are a couple of photos of Keith with his grandkids, all sporting their new threads…

Maylee, Ellie, Tucker and Keith

Three “Goonies” and one “Cool Dude”

Once the food and drink had been consumed, the football game played, the grand-daughters had tired of wrigging and climbing all over grandpa, and we had all caught up on one-anothers’ news, we decided to call it an end to a fun-filled day spent in the company of wonderful people.


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