Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | November 1, 2012

Spook Parade 2012

Yesterday was our 2nd Halloween in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico….my how time flies!

Last year, the city decided to move Halloween from October 31st to a few days prior, for convenience sake. (see this post for details).

This year, Halloween was allowed to remain on its traditional date, and ~ as is customary for this little desert town ~ all manner of spooks and goblins made their way downtown to Broadway Street around 6 p.m., to trick or treat local businesses.

A little Ladybug came to visit our garden on her way to the parade,

And then, Keith and I took a stroll through the streets ourselves. Here is a short photo essay of what we saw…

…at Xochis Bookstore the Charles Motel Mud Mountain Studio Cafe Groovy Gritz

We returned home and lit the “bonfire”…an Eco Log blazing in our little kettle smoker…and enjoyed a glass of our homemade Elderflower Wine, paired with Kit Kats and Almond Joys in honor of the occasion.

Keith and his alter ego!

Our neighbor gifted us with a Halloween Tomato from his garden…

Keith took a picture of me snuggled up on the bench, that looks like I’m levitating…

And Catty Jones even showed up to join us for the celebration!

Once the evening had wound down, we left treats out for the spirits who might be roaming the night, along with a candle to light their way.


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