Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 5, 2012

December at The Lake

Although we enjoyed an amazing summer at Elephant Butte Lake on our boat, we are finding that winter boating just might prove to be even better!

In summer, the sun beats down on you, and jumping in the lake provides the only relief you can get.

In winter, you are one of only a few boats out on the water, and if you pick the right day with little wind, and anchor in a cove, you can sit for hours in silence only broken by water bird calls, warming your skin in the welcome winter sun, and taking in the majestic view of the surrounding mountains.

Monday was just such a day for us…a serene afternoon on water as smooth as glass…no fishing, no noise…perfect!

A few days earlier, Keith went out for a “boys’ day at the lake” with some of the guys from the hot springs, and they shot some really good photos of their boats from an “on the water” perspective.

Wish you were here!

Cap’n Keith and his “other love”…the Sunset Ride.

Cap'n Ezy of The Flying Osprey, and his crew.

Cap’n Ezy of The Flying Osprey, and his crew.


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