Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | December 18, 2012

On Grammy and their Grandsons…Birthdays

There are oh so many special events to celebrate each year in your grandson’s life, that it is difficult (when you are a Grammy from out-of-town), to pick which one(s) to add to your travel itinerary.

Plus, when you are only one of 8 grandparents of this particular grandson, you have to “share the love” and visits with the other doting elders who treasure that little boy just as much as you do.

With that in mind, I decided this year to be the Grammy at Bennett’s 2nd birthday party, held 12/9/12, in honor of his “real” birthday the following Tuesday.

Now, “B” is currently obsessed with all things twig and tree related, with a special interest in the stumps of felled trees, so his mom and dad decided to theme his party with B’s obsession.

To that end, tables were topped with wood-grain wrapping paper and pine cones, and the cake, baked in a stump-shaped cake pan, was decorated with woodland mushrooms crafted from white fondant dusted with cocoa powder.


Wood-grained favor bags held organic snacks and wooden toys, and when guests arrived at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, everything was ready for the festivities to begin.

Parents and kiddos walked over to the playground down the street to work up an appetite and diffuse some of their energy before returning to the house for a tasty breakfast buffet, followed by singing “Happy Birthday”, blowing out candles, and slices of  chocolate “stump cake”.

Mama watches the Birthday Boy enjoying his cake

Mama watches the Birthday Boy enjoying his cake

It truly was a lovely party. The food was excellent, the weather was pleasant, all the children played well together, and the grown-ups enjoyed one another’s company well into the afternoon, until nap time.

Libby and Bennett - note the stick in his hand!

Libby and Bennett – note the stick in his hand!

That evening it was time for Bennett to open his birthday gift from Grammy…wrapped appropriately in woodgrain paper!


We spent the rest of the evening playing with his new wooden train set…four colorful cars, lots of track, a bridge and tunnel. Bennett loved it, and in no time he could tell you which was the engine, hopper car, coal car and caboose.


When it was time to call it a day, we all went happily up to bed, to sleep the content sleep that comes after a busy but happy day.



  1. We loved having you here for B’s birthday and can’t wait for you to visit again! Thank you for all of your wonderful help, too! You are an expert fondant mushroom crafter! =) Love, L, M, and B

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