Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 1, 2013

R.I.P. 2012

2012 was a banner year for “Me and My Baby Band”, with 18 performances in the Truth or Consequences area!

Our free time was consumed by learning new tunes and rehearsing for the next show, and we loved it.

Thank you to all our loyal fans who came out to listen and dance, and support the venues that supported us.

It was a sad day in December, however, when Cafe Groovy Gritz closed its doors, and downtown T or C lost a gathering place for locals, great music venue, and one of its major dining establishments.

In addition, the Ivory Tusk Tavern is under new bar management, and they are taking a long look at their budget before hiring any bands for 2013.

So, for the time being, our “Upcoming Performances” blog page will be lacking entries.

But ~ that’s OK….with no public performances on the books at this time, “Me and My Baby Band” will focus our energies on song-writing and developing a show of original tunes which will hopefully be performed at house concerts when we are next “on the move”.

First tune in the works is a snappy little ditty about Catty Jones, our feline traveling companion.

We will spend this first day of the New Year relaxing, budgeting, and making music. Yes, life is good!

We leave you with a video of pics from our performances, beginning in 2009…with a recently recorded Dylan song as the backdrop…



  1. Sorry to hear about Cafe Groovy Gritz. Hope you don’t move away from T or C before we get there to visit again!

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