Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | July 10, 2013

Catch of the Day

After weeks of on and off rain showers, the weather turned lovely the past few days, so we decided to do some more exploring on the St. Johns River.

Our boat, “The Sunset Ride” was waiting at her slip with a full gas tank.

"The Sunset Ride"

“The Sunset Ride”

Keith had recently bought her a new bimini top to replace the bikini top she wore when we bought her. The new top gives us more room to maneuver on board ~ we can stand up under it, so it’s easier to fish, and fishing was definitely part of the plan for the day.

Once aboard, we set the GPS for “Croaker Hole” ~ a deep spring in Little Lake George that is a supposed haven for catfish and striped bass.

Captain Keith was at the helm.

The Captain of "The Sunset Ride"

The Captain of “The Sunset Ride”

The water was calm and navigation was easy. But, our Humminbird fish finder did not display any fish. We weren’t the only anglers scouting out the area, but no one was fishing. Not a good sign, so we traveled on and will return another day.

We then headed south to circumnavigate Drayton Island which sits at the north end of Lake George. On the way back we decided to spend a little time at our favorite catfish hole on the Oklawaha River, not too far from home.

It was a good day. The fish were biting. I caught the big one ~ an 18″ long catfish that is on the menu for dinner tonight!

Me and My Prize!

Me and My Prize!

We took that bad boy home, along with the rest of our catch, and Keith got busy at the fish cleaning station on the dock.  As you can see from the photo, he soon had a friendly heron hanging out with him, just waiting for Keith to toss him a few fish scraps. Of course, Keith set aside the prime scraps for Catamaranda Jones, a certain black cat who has developed quite an appetite for fresh fish!


He really was a beautiful bird and it was fun to watch him swallow giant chunks of fish in one gulp!

Our friendly heron with some fish.

Our friendly heron with some fish.

It was yet another great day on the St. Johns.



  1. I love a great day of boating and fishing. How fun!.. cheers you two.


  2. Yum! Fresh fish. We’re jealous.

  3. We are so jealous!! Up until today, have had horrendous rainstorms & last night, lots of flooding in the area. The pool overflowed & the pump is broken, so can’t even float!! Today is very nice & is supposed to stay that way through the weekend. We certainly hope so, because Saturday we’ve committed to helping at the festival we used to co-chair “Art on the Hill Mantua”! Freeze some fish for a fry when we get back if you catch a bunch!

  4. Am relieved and very happy for you. Occassionally I check out your site to see how you are fairing. Nothing for so long was concerning. But – what a great event, gran’ma!


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