Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | August 1, 2013

Celebrating Three Years on the Road

Last year on this date, Keith and I were living in Truth of Consequences, New Mexico, enjoying a visit with my sister, Carol, and her husband, Dave.

This year, I am in Williamsburg, Virginia, visiting my darling grandson, Bennett, and Keith is in Florida, fishing.

We didn’t actually plan to be in two different places on this date that marks the third anniversary of our taking off on the road as traveling musicians, but we can celebrate on Monday when I return to what my grandson refers to as “Grammy’s House on Wheels”.

Welaka, Florida is where we currently park that house, and we have been enjoying entertaining guests at the Welaka Lodge Boathouse Bar, as we carry on the musical tradition around which we have built our lives together.

Happy Anniversary to you, Keith Pence…one fine “Lead guitar player and driver of the Winnebago”!

Oh yes….and keep those catfish coming. I will be ready for a fish fry when I return….



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