Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | September 17, 2013

Music Scene Update

Life this summer in Florida has been more about relaxing than anything else.

As the fall equinox draws near, I looked back at my blog posts of the past few months, and they definitely reflect the relaxation theme.

Don’t let that theme fool you, though, there still has been much music made in our little motorhome on hot and humid summer afternoons.

“New”old songs from the 1930’s have been added to our repertoire. Tunes I heard on the home record player when Dad played his big band LP’s. “Goody Goody” and “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love” are two of my favorites.

In addition to going backward, we’ve also expanded our “Blast from the Past Oldies Review” by bringing in more hits from the 1970’s…most recently, a couple of Loggins and Messina hits “My Music” and “Your Mama Don’t Dance”.

We’ve also been hard at work in the “studio”, writing an original tune commissioned before we left Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, by our dear friend, Jeff Dukatt, of Tie-Dye King fame.

It’s a snappy little ditty, and although it’s not yet tight enough to pull out the Boss BR800 recorder, it is coming along.

Keith wrote the music and we collaborated on the lyrics.

We promise to roll it out soon, and hope to premier it live when we visit T or C later this month!

As for our performance schedule, The Boathouse Bar Live Music scene is over for the season. It has been replaced with Sunday afternoon football, so we’re currently seeking opportunities to play elsewhere in north central Florida during the winter months.

Check out our “Upcoming Shows” tab for performance news!



  1. How long will you stay in T or C?

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