Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | October 14, 2013

Pilgrimage to New Mexico

After being in Florida, and away from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, for six months, Keith and I began to feel a little homesick for wide vistas and dear friends.

We used my desire to attend a Masterpath seminar in Albuquerque as the incentive for making the trip. I have been a chela (student) of Sri Gary Olsen for 18 years, and his teachings have been my inspiration and support through the years.

After recharging my spiritual batteries at the seminar, we planned to hitch a ride to T or C with our friend, GIselle, who had scheduled a few relaxing days stay at Riverbend Hot Springs.

But, before meeting up with Giselle, Keith and I gifted ourselves with a delightful brunch at our favorite Albuquerque restaurant, El Pinto. It is always delightful to relax on the patio and dine on fresh, well-prepared New Mexican dishes served by a friendly and attentive staff.

El Pinto Restaurant, Albuquerque

El Pinto Restaurant, Albuquerque

Giselle picked us up after we dropped off our rental car, and the two-hour drive to T or C just flew by. Before we knew it, we were walking through the gate at the Birch Street Retreat B&B of our friends, Ann and Roger Swanson.

We spent our first evening catching up with our hosts, and the next night they threw a party for all of our friends. Ann prepared a tasty buffet, and we ate, drank and caught up on the local news…

Tom, and our hosts, Ann and Roger.

Friend Tom, and our hosts, Ann and Roger, with Bandit and Pele, on the patio

Friends Daphne, Jeff - The Tye Dye King - and Giselle.

Daphne, Jeff – The Tye Dye King – and Giselle.

Dave and Dale hanging out in the kitchen.

Dave and Dale hanging out in the kitchen.

Friend Alicia, me and Roger

Alicia, me and Roger

Guests of Honor, Me and My Baby

Guests of Honor, “Me and My Baby”, posing in front of Roger’s antique Chevrolet Huxter.

After dinner, we gathered in the living room for a drum circle……my grandson, Bennett would have been in his glory!

Kim and Daphne

Kim and Daphne on djembe

Roger on bongos, Keith on congas, and Dale on cymbal

Roger on bongos, Keith on congas, and Dale on cymbal

The evening included the unveiling of our friend, Doug “Ten” Rose’s new book, “Reincarnation Through Common Sense”, which I am currently reading, and will blog about soon.

Introducing Doug Ten Rose's new book, "Reincarnation Trhough Common Sense".

Unveiling Doug “Ten” Rose’s new book, “Reincarnation Through Common Sense”


Author and friend, Doug “Ten” Rose

It’s hard to be in such beautiful country without doing some hiking, so we spent two days under the desert sun, hiking an arroyo near home, and then to warm springs and a box canyon near Winston. The scenery is breathtaking and photos just don’t do it justice, but I’ll give it a shot here…


Hiking near the entrance of the Monticello Box Canyon.


Looking skyward from the banks of the clear-flowing stream.

After a day of hiking, we decided to stop by the Winston Bar and Saloon for some liquid refreshment.

When you walk through the door you jump back to wild west saloon days. They have a couple of bottles of whiskey to choose from, and they serve your shots in tiny disposable cups. If you don’t want whiskey, you can have a beer. But, don’t ask for a mixer or ice – they will have to hike over to the general store for that!

??? Bar and Saloon, Monticello, NM

Diamond Bar and Saloon, Winston, NM

Roger, Ann and Keith belly up to the bar.

Salud! from the Diamond Bar and Saloon

Salud! from the Diamond Bar and Saloon

Pool sharks Keith and Roger…

Pool Shark, Keith


And, Keith and I added our signed dollar bill to the hundreds that decorate the walls and ceiling of the saloon.

"Me and My Baby" were here!

“Me and My Baby” were here!

After our excursion backwards in time, we drove back to Ann and Roger’s, for a light supper of Tony’s Clam Chowder before settling in for the night. We have been fans of Tony’s Chowder since we spent the summer in Cedar Key, Florida, and wrote this song, but this was the first time we tried the canned variety……we are here to testify that it’s as glorious from a can in New Mexico as it is in their Cedar Key restaurant!

No pics for the rest of our journey…the camera was already packed away…but we did spend a fun morning at the Albuquerque Zoo on Friday, dined with the locals at Garcia’s restaurant for lunch, supped with Ann, her daughter, Maia and friends at Socorro Springs Brewing Company, and ended the evening at a “Hot Club of Cowtown” concert.

Maia put us up for the night in the family home that Roger had built in the 70’s, and where she currently resides – a “way cool” place (wish we had some pics to share).

And, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, courageous Ann chauffeured us up to Albuquerque to catch our 8 a.m. flight.

We climbed aboard wearily, but ever so satisfied with our trip.

There’s just something about spending time in T or C that helps you put everything into perspective, so you can move on from a much better place.

Heartfelt hanks to our friends who feel like family, for sharing some time with us.



  1. Very cool. We miss you already. Come back again soon!

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