Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | January 30, 2014

Win Your Very Own “Smokin’ Oldies” CD!

The other day, Keith started a little contest on facebook to introduce our finished video for Jeff Dukatt, the “Tie-Dye King” of Truth or Consequences New Mexico.

We wrote a tribute song for him last year, finally recorded it live last week, and created a music video in his honor. We really enjoyed the project and hope you have fun with it, too.

Keith initiated the contest by posting the first of the videos that appear below on facebook, and announcing that when the second video was posted on our blog, the contest would begin.

There is just one difference in the two videos ~ one photo/frame that has been changed, and it’s your job to find it!

So, after viewing the two videos, and figuring out which single photo has changed, please visit our “Me and My Baby” facebook page and give us a Comment with your guess.

The first person to post the correct answer will win a signed copy of our “Smokin’ Oldies” CD, and a mention in an update to this post.

We’ll contact you for your address once you win, and send your CD ASAP.

Enjoy the challenge!

Video #1

Video #2

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!! In fact, within minutes of posting the contest, good friend, “Old Eagle Eye Jake”, from T or C nailed it! Congratulations, Jake, your CD will be on it’s way shortly. Thanks to everyone who took the time to watch the videos!

….and the answer is: the “hot rod hatchback car” that the “Tie-Dye King” drives around New Mexico.


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