Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | April 2, 2014

Family Matters

At times, even in the lives of bloggers, the act of living is so all-consuming that you just have to go with the flow, set the reporting aside, and see where it is that life takes you.

The past several months have been such a time, and it has been absolutely wonderful!

After my last post, we packed up and left Florida, to head north to Virginia ~ a gutsy thing to do at the first of February, with cold and snow nipping at our heels.

The occasion for our trip was the birth of my second grandchild, Cora Mae, who arrived swiftly and a bit unexpectedly, on February 9th.

My first moments with precious Cora Mae

My first moments with precious Cora Mae


Since her arrival, I have spent many hours entertaining her big brother, Bennett, who has mixed emotions about his little sister….playfully complaining about her crying and the shape of her head….but for the most part, accepting the small changes to his routine that having a little sister requires.

Bennett loves his Grammy and she feels much the same about him, as you can tell from the photos below.

We had just finished creating with homemade play dough that we call “Cook and Play”, as Bennett is an aspiring chef…

Play Do 2


Play do 1


Play Do 3

Somehow, in the midst of it all, we managed to take our first “Three Generations” photo ~ Grammy, daughter Laurie, and her daughter, Cora Mae!

Three Generations!

Three Generations!

And then, in Mid-March, I celebrated my 65th birthday, after successfully completing my quest for the appropriate Medicare supplement coverage, which in my book, was quite an accomplishment.

Of course, Cora was a major part of the celebration, gifting us with the opportunity to sit down and eat dinner together uninterrupted, as she slept quietly in our arms.

Check out the pecan torte with vanilla ice cream, berries and lemon curd ~ scrumptious!

Check out the pecan torte with vanilla ice cream, berries and lemon curd ~ scrumptious!

In addition to all the family-related excitement of the first several months of the year, Keith and I have been gifted with a new workamping opportunity, which will provide a place to park our home in the Williamsburg area, along with some much-appreciated supplemental income ~ more on this later~




  1. Congratulations! Happy birthday! Love and miss y’all, Ten

  2. Sweet photos!!!

  3. Glad you’re back to blogging again. I missed it!

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