Posted by: Barbara Evanhoe | June 7, 2014

Trading Up

Picture this…’re whiling away a sunny Virginia Tuesday afternoon…your boat is tied up to the base of a huge cypress tree on the Chickahominy River, doing a little fishing and light reading. No cares in the world.

After a bit, the Chris Craft cabin cruiser of your dreams glides by. As it passes, you see the captain staring right at you ~ twisting his head right and left, to get a better view. Is he a pirate? On this river? Anything could happen. Who knows!

The Chris Craft passes on, and then backs up, turns around, and comes straight toward you.

You sit straight up in your seat and wait to see what happens.

It ties up right on the other side of the tree you are tethered to.

The captain walks onto the bow, and thankfully, waves a greeting.

You say “Hello, nice boat”.

He says “Wanna’ buy it?”.

The next few days are a bit of a blur. You request permission to come aboard, and inspect the boat.

She’s a classic old gal that could use a little teak oil and T.L.C…..a 1985 Chris Craft Catalina 280.

But, she’s in your price range.

AND – as was mentioned, she’s your dream boat.

Q. What do you do?

A. Make a deal to trade the “Sunset Ride” for the Catalina, whose name has yet to be determined.

Yesterday evening, we sat on her back deck and shared a bottle of Merlot.

It was hard not to pinch ourselves to be sure we weren’t simply dreaming!

Dream Boat? Freedom Manifesto? Sugar Shack? Stay tuned for the name of our newest acquisition!

Dreamweaver? Freedom Manifesto? Sugar Shack? Stay tuned for the name of our newest acquisition!




  1. OMG ! What a treasure !!!! Here’s to you and many wonderful adventures !!!!!

  2. Wow!!!!!

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